Chairmen News!

The Chairmen have a new member! Our good friend and companion Scott Bradberry has happily taken a staff position in his work, but alas, the time stress of his new position has left him with little time remaining for the Chairmen. Our new member is Carter Ransom, a former Georgia boy who sang with Robert Shaw in Atlanta and has taken Scott's place. We'll post a new bio when Carter takes a break from learning our music to write one! Also, Scott will still be singing with us from time to time as his schedule allows.

Chairmen FOURTH of JULY Performance!

          4th, 2014 Hanson Dam Performance
July 4th, 2014 Hanson Dam Performance


Tenor: Bill Moon

Bill Moon, Lead Bill is our original "barbershopper" and taught the rest of us the style. We have notebooks where Bill notated take-downs from famous quartets when he was only thirteen years old. Bill's dad, Dean Moon, had sung with his quartet, the Hi-Chords and been Rocky Mountain District Champions when Bill was a kid. Bill is a financial analyst, was "Mr. Gold" for years as a top rated investment councelor in the gold market, he has been CFO for a multi-million dollar internet startup company, and even ran an opera company in Alaska. He currently is involved in entreprenurial ventures and consulting. Bill also plays guitar.

Baritone: Ray Korns

Ray Korns, Baritone Although trained as an Architect, Ray has been involved in computers since high-school and professionally since 1969. He has worked as an Information Architect for both large corporations, like TRW, General Electric, Atari, Warner Communications and IBM, and silicon valley start ups. Ray plays piano, trombone and recorder. He never sang at all until 1985 and now would rather do nothing else.

About The Quartet

Our quartet did not originate from the barbershop society, BHS (Barbershop Harmony Society formerly SPEBSQSA - Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc.), but rather because of a musical review. A friend was staging vignettes from various Broadway musicals and needed a quartet for a sequence of Meredith Willson's "The Music Man". We learned three songs -- we stole the show! This then was our genesis seventeen years ago (fifteen in our current configuration).


Lead: Carter Ransom

Carter Ransom, Lead Carter is the newest member of the Chairmen (replacing Scott Bradberry). Carter is a former Georgia boy and sang in Atlanta with Robert Shaw. He is now assuming the Lead in the new configuration and Bill is taking Tenor. Carter's wife is a Russian gal and Ray is learning Russian songs to sing with him.

Bass: Bob Ealy

Bob Ealy, Bass Bob is a salesman par excellance. He has sold within numerous industries (always successfully) and is currently selling for the construction industry. Bob is an Alabama boy and that southern charm can be disarming. Bob has a talent for vocal arranging, especially for pop and doo-wop styles. He's having his bass guitar repaired right now.